Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Game No Life

Saya: What should I write?
Shaq: Tell the world.. Tell the world that it's an amazing anime.

*I think this post has some spoilers. Close your eyes while reading* 

This Anime is about showing people who mocked us gamers for sitting in our rooms all day and playing games nonstop makes us actually WAY COOLER than you think (Accept the fact that even though he is surrounded by all kinds of KAWAI women the main character is still a virgin -_-).

Sora & Shiro in their home <3

Sora and Shiro are AMAZINGLY talented gamer siblings that no one ever can beat. Eventually they find themselves in a world that GAMING is the way to live and to rule. Well naturally they rule it in a way that no one can beat!

Sora the Big Brother and Shiro the Kawai Sister

The art is enchanting. And the anime is hilarious! And with the right amount of cleavage. As you can see:


The best thing about the game is that the games they play is mind blowing. Sora and Shiro beat the games with their unmatched genius of calculating the normally unpredictable outcomes. They are challenging the whole world from their recently earned thrones (wait, did you think I was JOKING when I said they RULE! hahaha) and we are waiting to learn HOW they will win rather than asking ourselves if they are going to. 


Sora's gaming talents and humanism is one of the best parts of the game. Even though it is shown like Shiro is the real intelligence, Sora is the one that has good strategies.

They RULE!

This pic is the coolest. So added it the last. Bye