Thursday, August 19, 2010


I can look back at my wounds
or I can forget about them
Little things can make a hole in me,
I would look black, golden and silver 

I could drink some red
though I always drink black
I could smell the sun
But I smell the brown

I can walk
It may hurt
And I can leave my traces
Green and red
and a little piece of me

I can wait or run
all the same...
There may be chances that I lose
while I try to find something

I may know where I am
I am maybe lost
The answers are there
But I won't look at them
Grey, white or black
And I say "No"

I tried so long, to make better mistakes
I always took something to give

I am coward or brave
Or maybe I'm just a whisper
And I always think
that the scarlett is the redness of a scar

I maybe slow while I am running fast
I can be a roar but an empty sound

In the end
I can just look at you
I can be white and black
and always have a red in me

I can be an empty glass
though I may burn
And I can love the water
while I'm becoming fire

I can believe that it is
only unnecessary,
But I enjoy
just to be able to say...

Saya Valentine

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